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Front Install



BMW has manufactured thousands of cars and each car differs to a degree and no two are the same.  This is called manufacturers tolerance. 

With age the chassis strut towers migrate/change location after years of use, or are deformed due to an accident that has caused non-repairable damage to the subframe.  In some cases this can cause assembly problems for the front strut installers. 

The 3 piece adjustable strut bars are easier to install but not as rigid or structurally sound.

We recommend printing this page for ease of reference during your install

For installation:

  1. Put the car on a flat surface, set rear brake, chock rear wheels.

  2. Remove the three front strut top nuts using a 13 mm wrench or socket. Perform for both sides.

  3. Attempt to install bar over the studs, sometimes it will slide over with no problems.  Because the front towers are inclined in 2 planes of angularity-to achieve caster-camber settings- the studs are at different angles in respect to each other.  To make the bar fitting easier- jack up the front chassis so one side of the studs will be flush with shock tower- loosely attach opposite side bar and nuts, then carefully lower car so other side studs will raise up through bar holes into proper location. 

  4. Finish by removing jack and tightening all stud nuts.  I recommend using anti-seize on stud threads.

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What model?
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