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Rear Install



This bar was intentionally made to have a snug fit; this is customary for race car chassis components. 

In cars with high mileage or cars that have been in an accident the shock towers may be closer together than normal.  This can cause high spots which can cause fitting interference. 

The bar can only fit one way, meaning, that the left hand shock tower has a different shape than the right shock tower.

On E30 chassis the left hand tower, which is the driver side, appears to have less curvature than the right and also has two (2) bent corners at the top of the side skirt, also the right hand appears to have more curvature and appears to be more rounded.

On E36 chassis the right hand tower has less curvature and the left hand tower has more noticeable curvature. 

In cars with carpeting we recommend a vertical cut made with a razor blade, approximately 3 top to bottom, where the stress bar horizontal tube will come through or the carpet can be removed and reinstalled after installation of bar.

We recommend printing this page for ease of reference during your install

For installation:

  1. Jack up the rear of the car from the cradle or suspension cross beam with the rear wheel clear off the ground. This is to allow the shock tower to separate slightly which will make for an easier installation.

  2. Clean the undercoat from the area where the bar will be attached. The bar assembly is made to fit so precisely that it does not allow for undercoat. 

  3. Drop the bar in to the correct position, using the four (4) 8mm nuts and bolts the same as the shock studs, use these to temporarily bolt the bar down through the stud holes, these will be discarded later. 

  4. Now you are ready to drill holes through the fender house, diameter in size

  5. Use the included hardware to fasten the bar skirts to the shock tower housing.

If for any reason the shock tower bar assembly is not fitting correctly it is permissible in some cases where needed to use a plastic mallet to lower the high spots of interference or slightly alter the contour of the shock tower house to allow bar assembly to drop in place.    

Hot Tip
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What model?
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