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Mason Engineering was started in 1969 as a privately funded corporate level team fabricator for Formula A road racing.

Since then we have grown into a research and development firm specializing in lightweight MONOCOQUE fabrication and suspension design.  Meeting the needs of both the corporate racing client and private street driver, Mason Engineering has a long history of designing. testing, and high quality fabrication.

E36 Front Strut Bar installed on customers carWe have developed products for use on the IMSA, Can-Am, G.T.P, LeMans, and the Indy racing series.

We have served as an in-house consultant to the racing programs of several major automotive corporations including Ford, Chevrolet, And Nissan.  We have worked extensively for these corporate team's engine shops, electronic labs, and wind tunnels.  We have spent considerable time in both dyno cell testing and chassis deflection testing.

Mason Engineering is OEM approved as a suspension product designer, manufacturer, and supplier for Indy Racing Teams.

Our products and expertise was used on the GM-funded solar powered experimental race car "The Sunracer" which won the world solar challenge in Australia in 1987.  Currently on display at the Smithsonian institute, the Sunracer used both our fabricated aluminum chassis and suspension.  When the 1942 Northrop N9M flying wing was restored to flying status for display at the "Planes of Fame" Air Museum in Chino, California, we were a key member of the Sheet metal restoration team.

We are designers and manufactures of award winning suspension and chassis parts all made proudly in the USA.  We never resell cheap imports.  This is our guarantee. 

Mason Engineering does not rely upon outside contractors to fabricate any part of our products.  All stamping, tube bending, and welding is done in our own state of the art manufacturing facility.  Only powder coating of the final completed item is done outside of our shop.  This allows us to maintain careful quality control to meet our exceptional standards.  The additional advantage of keeping all our work in house is that our rapid design development and fabrication brings our customers the latest designed product possible in the shortest amount of time possible.


At Mason Engineering we DO NOT outsource our manufacturing and have no plans to in the future.  With the expansion of the popularity of our products, companies in China have started copying and mislabeling their cheap knockoffs as our bars.  We want you to be 100% satisfied and we do our very best to provide you with the best product available.



BMW History
Did you know that in 1926 BMW manufactured their first car.  It was called the Dixi 3/15 PS.

The BMW 2002 uses a kugelfischer fuel injection pump.  Daimler-Benz used the same type of pump on the Messerschmitt BF-109E which provided a distinct advantage over Allied fighters during WWII because it allowed instant throttle response even during inverted flight.
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