BMW Short Throw Clutch Pedal

Material Weight Price
Steel N/A $275.00

Product Description

Designed to replace the plastic stock (OEM) clutch pedal which is prone to deformation of the bushings over time. Our steel clutch pedal is designed and hand crafted to eliminate side movement while shortening total pedal travel by 1.5 inches. This helps align the clutch pedal with the brake pedal to facilitate in heel toe style driving. A noticeable difference in clutch engagement will be felt with the Mason Clutch Pedal. This pedal was originally designed and manufactured by Mason Engineering for Dr. Gustav Stroes and has become popularly known as the GSP clutch mod. Mason Engineering has reintroduced the product after being out of production for a number of years.

Available Finishes
  • Carbon Steel (Powder Coat Gloss Black @ 450 ℉ Thermo Set)
  • None Available

Our Mason Engineering BMW Short Throw Clutch Pedal Comes With All New Hardware Included And Is Furnished With Brand New BMW OEM Bushings To Guarantee A Perfect Fit. Please See Our Installation Guide For Instructions On Proper Installation