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About Us

Mason Engineering was started in 1969 as a privately funded corporate level team fabricator for Formula A road racing. Since then we have grown into a research and development firm specializing in lightweight MONOCOQUE fabrication and suspension design. Meeting the needs of both the corporate racing client and private street driver, Mason Engineering has a long history of designing. testing, and high-quality fabrication.

We have developed products for use on the IMSA, Can-Am, G.T.P, LeMans, and the Indy racing series. We have served as an in-house consultant to the racing programs of several major automotive corporations including Ford, Chevrolet, And Nissan. We have worked extensively for these corporate team's engine shops, electronic labs, and wind tunnels. We have spent considerable time in both dyno cell testing and chassis deflection testing.

Why Choose Us

We are designers and manufacturers of award winning suspension chassis parts and race car components and we are committed to excellence and quality in our products.

All our products are proudly made in our own in-house state of the art design and manufacturing facility here in the USA.

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BMW Products

E24 Front & Rear Strut Bar
Produced between 1976-1989
E28 Front & Rear Strut Bar
Produced between 1981-1987
E30 Front & Rear Strut Bar
Produced between 1982-1994
E34 Front Strut Bar
Produced between 1987-1996
E36 Front & Rear Strut Bar
Produced between 1990-2000
E39 Front Strut Bar
Produced between 1995-2003
E46 Front & Rear Strut Bar
Produced between 1997-2006
E82 Front Strut Bar
Produced between 2004-2013
BMW Z3M Front Strut Bar
Produced between 1995-2002
Z4M Front Race strut Bar
Produced between 2003–2009

Discontinued Items

Mason Engineering can do custom orders upon request for your BMW suspension or other BMW product needs.

In our business of manufacturing top quality suspension components for BMW enthusiasts, there come times when we start to experience less demand for certain older model products. When this occurs, it becomes necessary for Mason Engineering to retire and discontinue production of these items.

Contact Us

  • 6437 Clear Springs Rd
    Simi Valley, CA 93063
  • Phone:
    805 527 6624
  • Hours of Operation
    9-5 PST Monday-Friday
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